Depend on Braxon. A familiar saying heard wherever we are located. Since 1961, we have consistently served our clients with the best techniques and service available. In our humble opinion, we are the best in our chosen field – our length of time in business and the caliber of our client is all the proof required.

Small business entrepreneurs can find a unique and growing business opportunity within our License Division. Braxon is here to help you succeed. Our Licensee's will enjoy everything from initial training in how to clean carpets and upholstery properly to comprehensive equipment packages. We can provide financing options to get your business up and running. With our expertise and your hard work, your business will grow. If you wish to become dedicated to premium carpet and upholstery cleaning and are searching for a proven methodology, Braxon may be your answer. Investment levels begin at $5,000.

For more information or learn how to get started simply fill in our rapid response form and a detailed license package will be forwarded within 48 hours – guaranteed.

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